Teacher training & recognition

Leading the next generation into a brighter future

We want Uganda's teachers to be see the impact of their hard work reflected in positive learning outcomes and be proud lead the next generation into a brighter future. That's why we're working with teachers, headteachers, district school Inspectors and wider communities to help create an environment that enables schools and children to flourish.


Training and support

Developing good teaching practice

Enhancing teachers' pedagogical knowledge and practice, and creating a positive learning experience that makes children want to come to school.

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Redearth Training Centre

A leading professional development hub based in Masindi, provided free Continuing Professional Development training and support for teachers and headteachers.

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Model classrooms

To help translate training into classroom practice, Redearth Education provides teachers with models of good teaching and learning practice to emulate.

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Sustaining locally-led change

Lead Teacher programme

Training and equipping teachers to become trainers and mentors of their colleagues and teachers in other schools, as well as their own schools.

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Achievement Awards programme

Supporting teachers and maintaining motivation after initial training by recognising and celebrating their achievements, fostering positive self-esteem and re-awakening their love of teaching and working with children.

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Radio-based CPD

A pilot radio-based continuing professional development programme for schools delivered through podcasts.

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Upcycled learning aids

Enabling local teachers to create engaging learning aids and resources from free, locally-sourced, recycled materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard, rice sacks and banana fibre.

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