Developing good practice

Good teachers are at the heart of every great school.

Programme overview

Working in collaboration with the District Education Offices, Redearth created the Developing Good Practice in Teaching and Learning (DGPTL) training programme for government primary teachers.

The programme aims to improve and sustain learning outcomes in Ugandan schools by enhancing teachers' pedagogical knowledge and practice, supporting the development of school leadership and management, and creating a positive, engaging learning experience that makes children want to come to school.

Helping these children remain in school is crucial to improving their life chances and enabling their families to escape the cycle of poverty.

The programme is underpinned and strengthened by the Redearth Achievement Awards and the Lead Teacher programme.

Programme at a glance


169 schools reached.

100,000 children over 6 years (15,000 currently).

1700 teachers (310 currently).




Active - funded


Delivery partners

Creating a learning environment that enables every child to flourish

Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, capable of transforming their ambitions into action. To achieve this, their learning environments must be safe and nurturing, encouraging a genuine interest in learning about the world around them and understanding their place in it as active, global citizens. 

Redearth training equips teachers in government primary schools with the skills and resources to help facilitate this. Teachers are supported in creating a physical and emotional learning environment that supports each individual child, improving both pupil and teacher attendance as well as learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy.

Physical and emotional learning environment

Creating a safe, nurturing environment and cultivating a genuine interest in learning.

Positive behaviour management

Preventing and addressing challenging classroom behaviours in ways that support and encourage.

Interactive teaching methods

Engaging and exciting all children in the topic they’re learning about.

Establishing strong school leadership and management to sustain change

The training of both Headteachers and school Inspectors is critical in ensuring good practices learned in the classroom are maintained and developed into the future.

As well as ongoing training, Headteachers are invited to join clusters, creating learning networks
across schools that enhance collaboration.

Inspectors are selected by the local District and Municipal Education Officers to attend training wherever the programme is being delivered.

School leadership training

Supporting, managing and evaluating teacher and pupil performance, school development planning.

Headteacher cluster groups

Cross-school clusters to share successes, challenges and solutions.

School Inspector training

Supporting school leaders against targets, positive recognition of school to motivate leaders.

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