Redearth Education Training Centre

A hub of teaching excellence in Western Uganda

A leading professional development hub based in Masindi for teachers

Since 2015, the Redearth Centre has provided free Continuing Professional Development training and support for government school and headteachers to help bring about school improvements in their local areas. The Centre serves as a model of excellence in training and teaching practices. Many other organisations visit the Centre to observe good practice and to receive training. The Centre has been established as a training facility for teachers in perpetuity.

The Redearth Centre is managed by a Ugandan team of 20 staff, utilising the facilities to ensure it is financially self-sustaining. As well as delivering high-quality training sessions, they also host shared learning workshops and peer-to-peer support for teachers from government schools across western Uganda and beyond.

They also work in collaboration with Kymabogo University to deliver nationally recognised, Early Childhood Development (ECD) diploma training for new nursery practitioners at the Centre.

Centre facilities include:

A Resource Centre

where teachers have access to a wide range of teaching aids and can observe good practice as well as get advice.

Training and conference spaces

where teachers can attend high-quality training sessions, shared learning workshops and peer-to-peer support sessions.

An IT-skills provision centre

where teachers can develop their computer skills and access the internet to further their learning.

Developing good teaching practice

Working in collaboration with local District Education Offices, Redearth Education have created the Developing Good Practice in Teaching and Learning training programme for government primary teachers.

Through this training at the Redearth Centre, teachers gain important skills in engaging and motivating learners, interactive teaching and learning methods, behaviour management and lesson planning.

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Redearth Model Nursery

In 2015, the Redearth Model Nursery opened its doors to its first pupils. Annually, 75 children (aged 3 to 6) currently receive high quality pre-primary education.

The Ugandan pre-primary curriculum is delivered using child-centred, play-based methodologies by highly-trained Ugandan nursery teachers.

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