Achievement Awards

Celebrating successes and motivating teachers to achieve.

Programme Overview

The Redearth Achievement Award serves to inspire, motivate and further support teachers within our training programmes, helping sustain improved learning outcomes. 

By providing public recognition and celebration of their hard work, successes and commitment, the Awards programme is re-engaging teachers with their love of working with children, and encouraging schools to actively continue improving their teaching practices.

Teachers that experience increased support and motivation alongside improved student engagement and learning outcomes are much more likely to feel positively about their job, attend and remain in school, and to deliver in a meaningful way. 

The programme is underpinned and strengthened by the Redearth Developing Good Practice programme and the Lead Teacher programme.

Programme at a glance


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Teachers are one of the most influential and powerful forces for equity, access and quality in education.  They are the torchbearers of knowledge and serve as important society leaders through their role in creating informed, fair societies. They are also role models, particularly female teachers who hold unique social influence as they help shape the next generation of young women.  

Redearth is working to put teachers back in touch with this influential and transformational role, strengthening their self-belief and re-awakening their love of working with children. The Awards programme helps tackle poor levels of motivation experienced by many teachers, often resulting from challenging work environments in remote, rural schools and a lack of access to continued professional development.

We aim to support teachers wherever we work to be proud as they lead the next generation into a brighter future.

Teachers go for gold

Throughout the academic year, teachers are supported by Field Officers and Lead Teachers to improve the standards of teaching and learning in their classrooms, by putting into practice the core elements of Redearth training.

They are assessed against Redearth Education' achievement criteria by a collaborative local team of Redearth Field Officers, Lead Teachers and government District Education Inspectors.

At the end of the academic year, teachers and schools are invited to the annual Awards Ceremony. This is frequently presided over by a Commissioner from the Ministry of Education and Sports as well as officials from the District Local Government.