Upcyling and recycling

Free, locally-sourced, recycled learning aids

Recycling and upcycling in rural schools and nurseries

Redearth Education works to transform public school classrooms into inviting and inspiring learning environments for every child.

We provide local teachers with the skills to create engaging learning aids and resources from free, locally-sourced, recycled materials - such as plastic bottles, cardboard, sugar & rice sacks and banana fibre.

These learning aids, games and activities are crucial in helping engage children in their lessons and improve the quality of their learning. Here are some of the resources we help teachers create and utilise in their classrooms....

Bottle line phonics and arithmetic

Plastic bottles are cut in half to make “bottle lines” which hang across the classroom. A letter or number is placed inside each bottle, which are then used interactively to teach reading and counting. Children can combine individual sounds to make words or they can combine numbers to practice mental arithmetic.

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