Our Vision

A future in which every child has an equal chance to succeed, and every community to thrive.

Who we are

A volunteer-led UK charity working with partners to transform the life chances of the next generation through high-quality education

What we do

Equip teachers and school leaders with the skills and confidence they need to deliver a high quality education and foster lifelong learning for every child.

Why we do it

Because every child has the right to develop to their full potential and become an active participant of tomorrow’s fairer, greener, more equitable world.

Since 2006

we've been empowering a network of local teachers through training, support and recognition, who are committed to working with local government to improve education standards and learning outcomes for all children.

Where We Work

The Republic of Uganda is where Redearth Education began its projects in East Africa in 2006. We are based in Masindi District, in Western Uganda. Redearth Education's programmes have been adapted by a number of international NGOs in various African countries, including Ethiopia, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Our Approach

Redearth Education is a volunteer-led organisation delivering teacher training directly to government primary schools. Working closely with the District Education Office, our education programmes focus on positive pupil outcomes, sustainability, collaboration and local governance.

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