Redearth Education "the next chapter" conference

‘kamu, kamu, nigwo muganda’ - Stick by stick we make a bundle.

The next chapter conference: May 2024, Masindi

Redearth Education is a well established charity registered in 2006 with a local Ugandan partner registered in Uganda in 2009 and based at the Redearth Centre in Masindi District. The local NGO was formed as a result of the work of Redearth Education (UK) and is now transitioning from being led by UK Directors to Ugandan leadership. The organisation remains very much working in partnership with the UK organisation with two boards working together. Staff have been well trained and the organisation has run very successful projects,

The purpose of the conference will be:

1. To celebrate the work of Redearth Education since its founding.
2. To provide workshops to share good practice with Masindi teachers and others.
3. To consider future development of Redearth Education Uganda

4. To look at how the good practice already established can be sustained.
5. To officially handover the organisation to Redearth Education (Uganda) so that it is publicly
6. To promote Redearth Education (Uganda)

About the Redearth Education conference

Who will be involved?

- A combination of Ugandan staff, UK volunteers and Ugandan lead Teachers will run
workshops on specific areas of expertise. The focus of these will be on teaching and learning
but will have the essential element of sustainability and next steps embedded.
- Redearth nursery teachers and children. These will demonstrate good early years practice
and learning.

Who will attend?

As the conference will be based in Masindi District, we will be inviting:

- Teachers and Headteachers x 300 (approximately 3 from each government school)
- Early years practitioners
- Local district officials
- Ministry representatives
- Community representatives
- Media
- REU board members
- REUK board member representatives
- Representatives from our main funders
- Partners
- Other invited guests

The conference will run over two days and consist of:

- Keynote and other speakers
- Opening and closing ceremonies
- Workshops
- Official handover ceremony
- Learning aids display
- Videos displaying good practice
- Demonstration lessons
- Commissioning of the Redearth Education Institute
- Launch of the Redearth Education Ltd. (Uganda) strategic plan