Radio-based learning programme

Radio-based learning programme

Through the global pandemic, Redearth pivoted their programmes to support children’s learning through writing, recording and broadcasting radio sessions  across local radio stations.

Radio is far more readily available to citizens in rural areas of Uganda than the Internet, so this offers a way for many more pupils in rural areas to access education. The broadcasts are enabled children to continue accessing quality teaching whilst at home throughout the pandemic, with the support of parents, siblings and caregivers. Important health messages were also included within the content.

Radio-based sessions for children had been identified as a priority by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

These sessions were also received by teachers and, as they exemplified good educational practice, provided some professional development



Programme at a glance


At least 70-109 from Government primary schools in Masindi and Buliisa, and 2,500 nursery children reached.




Active - seeking funding


Delivery partners


Keeping pupils and teachers connected to quality learning throughout lockdown

Interruptions to children's learning caused by school closures risk significantly impacting their chances of successfully returning to and progressing through school. This further puts their development and future livelihoods at risk. 

By broadcasting lessons and stories, we can help ensure children stay motivated and engaged, and continue learning while their schools remain closed. The sessions also exemplify good practice in teaching and learning, enabling teachers to stay connected to professional development opportunities. 

The programme also enables us to reach parents and caregivers directly with activities and messages that demonstrate the benefits and value of learning. This encourages learning at home and in the community, further strengthens the importance of partnership, helping parents support their children’s skill development.



Teachers writing and delivering

The Redearth Uganda team worked alongside the District Education Department to identify the areas of focus for the broadcasts.

They then adapted and redesigned the delivery of the Redearth training programmes into radio lessons for children, which would also be used as CPD sessions for teachers. Important health messages were also included within the content.




CPD as well


The broadcasts are intended to be listened to by school staff, possibly obnce per week and will build on the topic being covered over the length of the particular set of programmes. The Headteachers or their delegated representatives will lead the sessions, supporting engagement in any activities within the programme and ensuring any follow up is effected. Whatsapp support groups will be established for those leading the sessions and for teachers as the need arises. Visits will be undertaken to schools to observe the Headteacher supporting the delivery of the sessions and to provide any additional support required. Throughout there will be feedback loops planned in at all levels to ensure we collect information to both identify whether radio podcasts/broadcasts are useful to teachers and also to improve provision

What teachers and families have to say